Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon

Is cosmetic plastic surgery even right for me? If you’re considering plastic surgery then you’ll need to ask yourself if cosmetic plastic surgery is even right for me?  The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have a great set of questions that may help you figure out if you’re really ready for plastic surgery: Am I […]

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body mass index feature (BMI)

What is Body Mass Index BMI and what does it have to do with plastic surgery? BMI is a measurement that is used to check if your weight is in a healthy range comparative to your height.   It is a tool that assists your plastic surgeon when determining safety and suitability for all elective plastic […]

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Are you a smoker who has been thinking about plastic or cosmetic surgery then think again! Smoking and plastic surgery JUST DON’T MIX!!  But Why??  Firstly let’s think about how a plastic surgeon operates? We often undermine and separate the delicate layers of your skin and fat from muscle and underlying structures below the skins surface. As […]

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