Ear surgery (Otoplasty)


Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

When you feel self-conscious about the shape and appearance of your ears, it can affect your self-esteem, both as an adult and as a child.

In fact, children often report teasing at school. Prominent ears or ears that stick out, protrude or are out of proportion are relatively easy to fix.

Our highly experienced plastic surgeon, Dr Eddie Cheng, draws from both reconstructive and cosmetic disciplines to achieve natural results beautifully proportioned with your face.

As ears are almost full grown by the age of four, this is a common procedure for younger patients. In fact, the procedure is so effective it is most commonly performed on patients aged four to 14 years. It can also be performed on older patients with great results.

Patients claim the procedure to be wonderfully liberating, as they no longer feel the need to hide their ears with hats, scarves or long hair.

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