The Non-Surgical Symposium is an annual congress hosted by the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) in conjunction with the Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatologists (ASCD) and the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA).

Kate, our Clinical Nurse and Dermal Therapist, attended the symposium that was held in our own slice of paradise at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

A multidisciplinary audience assembled from all parts of the globe to discuss and share experience in the non-surgical arena with a focus on ‘Safety and Science’. The 3 day event covered a wide range of topics from cosmetic injectables to light based therapies, skin care and body contouring devices.

Dermal fillers were a hot topic at this years symposium, including injection techniques, durability of different fillers on the market and treatment of rare complications. We loved Dr Gabriela Casabona’s (Dermatologist,Brazil) approach to volume restoration with fillers: Lift, Contour and Smooth.

Although, wrinkles alone may not be a true indicator of health and youthfulness. Evidence has shown that people associate health and attractiveness more so with even facial skin colour and tone. Dr Patricia Ogilvie, a prominent German Dermatologist and international speaker, substantiated that skin quality is beyond lines and wrinkles.

Of course prevention is easier than cure – experts agreed that your 30’s is the best time to maintain support for preventative age related changes. This may be at the very early onset of age related changes or before they even occur. Something we can refer to as ‘Prejuvenation’!

Whether you have skin concerns, volume loss, dynamic wrinkles or just want to keep looking the way you are … Let us take you on a journey to make you feel more confident at any age.

Non-surgical symposium 2017 Non-surgical symposium 2017 Non-surgical symposium 2017 Non-surgical symposium 2017

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